Apartments with Storage Units in Lawrence, KS

Living in an apartment offers some key advantages over living in a house. When you rent an apartment, you typically don’t need to worry about mowing a lawn and other yard maintenance. You aren’t responsible for mortgage payments, so you have more flexibility if you wish to relocate. If an appliance breaks down or there is structural malfunction, the landlord or property manager will likely be the one responsible for getting it repaired.    

Countless renters are happy in a one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment. However, having enough room for all of your possessions may be problematic. If you are fortunate enough to find an apartment with spacious closets and a storage unit, you might decide never to live in a house again! Read on to discover more about the most desirable apartments with storage units in Lawrence, Kansas.    

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Saving Money With On-site Storage

Having access to on-site storage yields several benefits. One of the top advantages is cost-effectiveness. Paying for off-site storage can be very expensive over time.  

If you can’t afford to pay for off-site storage, you might be forced to get rid of a lot of your belongings. Unfortunately, this may not be practical if you plan to use these items in the future. You might not want to part with things such as family heirlooms, antiques, and furniture you know you will need later. On-site storage can solve this problem for you.

Even if you can afford expensive off-site storage, you could probably find much better ways to spend your money! Lawrence is home to a broad assortment of restaurants, bars, and retail stores, for example. We are also proud of our local arts and culture scene! When you live so close to local museums, galleries, live music, and dining establishments, why should you waste your spending money on an off-site storage unit?    


If you are a college student, you may want to keep a variety of items that will serve you well after graduation. You might also need some of your stored things regularly or occasionally, such as sporting equipment or seasonal attire. Driving or taking a bus to a storage facility can be a hassle, as opposed to easily accessing your possessions when you need them.  

Students are not the only people who may require storage while living in an apartment. If you have relocated for your career, living in a rental unit could be a relatively temporary situation. You might be a couple saving money for a future home by living in an affordable apartment. In any of these cases, storing your possessions nearby may be necessary.

Large Living Spaces
Large Living Spaces

The Best Apartments with Storage Units in Lawrence, KS

Enough storage space can be a problem for anyone, but don’t despair! If you are searching for apartments with storage units in Lawrence, Kansas, you need look no further than Campus View Apartments. We also provide our tenants with several other important amenities, from courtesy patrol to laundry facilities to planned social activities. We welcome you and your pets.

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