Living Well in the Cheapest Apartments Near the University of Kansas

Going to college can be expensive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t live well while attending classes. If you are a new or continuing student at the University of Kansas (KU), you may be looking for ways to maximize your living expenses. Fortunately, there are many effective strategies to do this. You can get started by renting one of the cheapest apartments near KU. The units at Campus View Apartments are affordable, and they come with an assortment of benefits.

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Lowering Your Cost of Living

Living on a college campus may seem convenient, but the various costs and fees add up quickly. A more viable solution may be to find an affordable apartment near the school. In fact, according to, a Trulia study concluded that on average, living off campus was cheaper.  

Preparing meals, for example, is much more convenient when you have a full-sized kitchen with all of the necessary appliances. Instead of regularly consuming highly-processed items prepared on a hot plate or in a microwave, you can feast on healthier foods. Doing this has many positive effects, which can ultimately save you money. By mostly eating fresh, unprocessed meals, you will be healthier overall. This may result in better sleeping habits, as well as a sharper mind. You will be more likely to make better decisions and perform better in school, which could spare you from the need to take some classes a second time. Additionally, consistently higher grades lead to more opportunities for grants, loans, and scholarships.

Higher Quality of Life in an Off-Campus Apartment

When you live in a cheap off-campus apartment near KU, your lifestyle can be what works best for you. You won’t be stuck trying to study while your dorm mates are partying all around you. You may still join in the fun anytime you want, but when you’re done, you can go home and enjoy the peace.   

Campus View Apartments have numerous amenities and options to enhance your living experience. You can do your laundry on the premises, which eliminates the cost of traveling to an off-site laundromat. High-speed internet service is available, so you won’t need to spend money in a café or restaurant just to use their Wi-Fi. We have one-bedroom and two-bedroom units, and our apartments come with a generous amount of storage space.      

Owning a Pet as a Student   

Many college students miss their childhood pets when they are at school. Because there are so many ways to conserve money when you live off campus, you may be able to afford a pet. A dog or cat can be a great source of comfort when you are working hard studying, when you miss your family and friends from home, or if you feel awkward as a new student and find it challenging to adjust. Pets are known for their loyalty and unconditional love, which could be exactly what you need in college. Just be sure to rent an apartment where pets are allowed, so you aren’t evicted and left with steep fines.      

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Save Money and Live Well at Campus View Apartments

Campus View Apartments in Lawrence, Kansas, offers the best off-campus living arrangements in the area. If you are searching for the cheapest apartments near the University of Kansas, in Lawrence, KS, contact us for more information. You are welcome to text or call us at (913) 393-9297, or fill out our online application now.

Best Off-Campus Apartments Near Haskell University

Whether you are considering attending Haskell University or are already enrolled, being in close proximity to the campus could be one of the wisest decisions you make. When you live nearby, you can stay involved with campus life while also remaining free to make your own lifestyle choices. Keep in mind that not all rentals are the same. Before you sign a lease, make sure that you have explored the options at Campus View, the best off-campus apartments near Haskell University.

Finding an Apartment That is Right for You

One of the first details you should think about is the amount of room you need. If you function best when you have your own space, then a dorm room would probably not make a good fit for you. College dorms can be crowded and loud, and a shared room does not yield much privacy. You may benefit from renting a one-bedroom apartment close to school.

If cost is a major concern, you can split the rent with a roommate in a two-bedroom unit. You will still enjoy the privacy of your own room, but you can instantly reduce the amount due for rent. This is also a solid choice if you value privacy but don’t want to live entirely alone.   

When You Have a Pet

If you own a pet or plan to have one while you’re in school, a pet-friendly apartment is the way to go. Most dorms will not allow students to have a dog or cat in their rooms. Even if this was allowed, a dorm room is not an optimal setting for your furry friend.

An important warning: You should never try to conceal a pet in a place that forbids it! If you do this, you and your animal could soon be homeless. Additionally, you will almost certainly be faced with fines for breaking the terms of your lease. Instead, find an apartment complex where pets are welcome. Ideally, this apartment will be close to campus, so you can quickly and easily take care of your animal’s needs.

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Off-Campus Apartments in Lawrence, Kansas: Why Campus View is the Best!   

Campus View Apartments is a few minutes away from both Haskell University and Kansas University, making us the perfect location for off-campus living. In fact, we are within biking and walking distance of these universities. We are also only minutes away from downtown Lawrence, which offers a wide variety of interesting things to see and do.

In addition to featuring different apartment sizes and being pet-friendly, Campus View provides a long list of other amenitiesWe have plenty of parking, and we have courtesy patrol for your safety. We even offer planned social activities for our tenants. We have on-site laundry facilities, and our apartments come with plenty of storage space. We also provide features such as air conditioning and ceiling fans, washer and dryer hookups, high-speed internet access, and cable-ready units.


Give us a call or text us at (913) 393-9297, or use our online application form today.